The Kings Peace Treaty

The King’s Peace Treaty by Yisrael

  1. I will never put no European geographical landmark before my brother

  2. When anyone comes as a stranger from a neighbouring area, I will embrace him and treat him like a King

  3. I will not go in any mans area and promote violence in protest to promote my area

  4. When I see a Black man on the street I will hail and acknowledge him in respect of the suffering we and our ancestors have faced for centuries

  5. I will look at no Black man as less than a King

  6. I will look at no Black woman as less than a Queen, because the Black woman is the mother of all civilization and we must protest her

  7. I will link up with every man from every ends to build my people and to build a better earth for our future generations.

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“The only way I can be strong in myself is if I’m strong with my brother.”  – Yisrael
“By building each other we are building a spiritual block, which in turn will build a natural block and we can start building.” – Yisrael

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