Over the last week the media has been on Kim Kardashian’s arse literally. That pic of her rear end in it’s ‘natural state’ has been all over the media, like it’s actually news….
The attention given to Kim Kardashian is excessive at best and ridiculous, at times like these!
The world is just Kim Kardashian obsessed.
I don’t get it personally, but I did want to chime in on a recent discussion on Good Morning Britain. During a conversation between the shows hosts, Piers Morgan rebottled Susanna Reid’s comments that we should be ‘celebrating cellulite’.

During the clip Susanna Reid said:  “I think she looks fabulous in those pictures” and added that cellulite should be celebrated.

Piers responded: “I think ‘celebrate’ is the wrong word,” and sarcastically suggested whether women should be doing the ‘conga’ to celebrate.

Piers comments have caused  somewhat of a backlash, but does he actually have a point?

What is there to celebrate about cellulite?
I’ve never been invited to a cellulite party, dinner or meet-up. I’ve not heard about national cellulite day and never received a cellulite greeting card. It’s something women accept or at best embrace, but it’s not exactly a celebration.

Of course, if the media had decided to embarrass, ridicule or throw shame towards cellulite this would have been WRONG and potentially damaging. But going from one extreme to the other makes no sense either; unless you’re trying to further your career in the media… hmmm

Yes, the comments by Piers Morgan were kinda shallow, but no ratings to Susanna Reid either for her ‘let me try and sound nice comments.’

Kim Kardashian is not exactly modest or shy. She is a woman who thrives on the constant scrutiny of her looks and body image. I think that most of us are clued up to know that the image we see is not reality.

So with regards to cellulite; the best thing we can do is just normalise it. Cellulite is normal, common and accepted – end of story.


Now, what else is going on in the world…