This post is NOT an endorsement for Donald Trump. However, the announcement of America’s 45th President has given me a renewed sense of mobility. Donald Trump has gone from bankruptcy to bagging the world’s most powerful job (all this without ever holding public office) –  now that’s something.
Yes, I know he is a billionaire, but this achievement says more about the man’s mindset, than his billions.

What ever you think of the new President, I think Donald’s Trump’s victory can inspire us all into attaining our own goals.

Here are six truths from the Trump win that reinforce personal growth, positive thinking and manifesting our own reality. .

Always be your authentic self – I’m reminded to keep it real – to stand by my convictions and remain committed.

Be self-assured – Even though Trump is hated, as much as he is loved – the new President knows himself! It’s all about being sure about self and as Kat Williams told us in 2007 – be in tune with your star player – YOU.

Star Player – Kat Williams

Anything is possible – ‘Yes we can’ was the motto used when Barack Obama became the first ‘Black President of the United States’ in 2009. However, to see a man who has been declared bankrupt more than once, take the most powerful job in the world, resonates and reinforces this even more…

All actions can be justified and defended – Even with all the disturbing allegations; during the Presidency campaign, Trump’s advocates continued to stand by him. Trump had the support of his supporters and sympathizers who all went out their way to endorse him. What this says to me is that the good, bad and ugly is defined only by perspective. The important thing is to walk with a clear conscience, knowing that man is not the true judge.

Be passionate – Donald Trump evokes passion! Yes, he is ‘divisive’ but as much as he is hated he is also LOVED. Passion is secondary to love.

Be ambitious and be in it to win – it’s all or nothing – I’m reminded that it’s important to go in 100%  and without doubt.
“The first step before anybody else in the world believes it, is you have to believe it. There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.” – Will Smith

The media told us that Trump ‘defied the odds,’ but in reality odds don’t exist when anything is possible.


What have you got to lose!