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Serocee dancehall

Serocee talks Mixpak Culture Clash Win & dancehall music

Serocee Interview – Red Bull Culture Clash – Mixpak Crew Winners – Dancehall Music On Friday 17th June, Mixpak shelled down the 02 arena and lifted the trophy after winning...


EU Referendum Debate – How important is the vote to you?

The EU Referendum debate  – are you in or out? Have your say during the Words & Riddims LIVE show Thursday 15th June 2pm-4pm or via TuneIn Radio app:...

akala fire in the booth

Akala Fire In The Booth pt. 4, 3, 2 & 1

Akala Fire In The Booth Full Set A lyrical masterclass by Akala A few times now, Akala’s Fire in the Booth 4 has been shared in my conscious circles so...

Rudi Lickwood Radio Interview

Rudi Lickwood on getting the laughs with a Black audience & Comedy Base

Legendary British comedian Rudi Lickwood joined us on The Words & Riddims show to cover the basics of Comedy Base!  Check out the Rudi Lickwood interview below:   “White people look at animals...

Muhammad Ali - talk radio show special

Muhammad Ali – life and legacy radio show special

The Words & Riddims show relives some of Muhammad Ali life and legacy. During this live show special, ShakaRa & Chantel’e Marie discuss… ➢ Muhammad Ali the activist and pro-blackness...

dating techniques - chirpsing

Chat up techniques – when and how a man should ‘chirps’ a woman

To chirps or not to chirps that was the question asked on The Words & Riddims show ShakaRa and Chantel’e Marie host an interactive and live-ly debate on the woes...


Muhammad Ali – greatest quotes and a blueprint for life

Muhammad Ali Quotes Many lessons for life can be found in the very words Muhammad Ali spoke. More than just an exceptional sports man and fighter in the ring, Ali...

Comedy Base Uk

Comedy Base & Events @ Bar 123 – weekly stand-up comedy & live music in north London

Love Comedy Shows?  Head down to The Comedy Base each Thursday  Get ready to bust a laugh or two at this brand new weekly comedy club. Each and every Thursday...

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.36.54

Green Light Market & Music Lounge in Tottenham, London

MARKET  CLOSED SATURDAY 25TH JUNE 2016 Green Light – Saturday Market Calling all vendors and members of the community who love a good bargain. Whether you’re buying, selling or just looking...

sex exposure on social media

Is exposing your ex on social media ever OK?

Recorded live on Mystic Radio 2016 FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Diary of a Badman Movie

London Movie Premier: Diary of a Badman – Interview & Review

On Thursday 26th May, The Words & Riddims show was joined by associate producer and actor of Diary of a Badman, Richard Bird, aka RB The Actor. The films director,...

Operation Black Vote

Is the Operation Black Vote Poster Racist?

Live discussion The Words & Riddims show Thursday 26th May 2pm-4pm Hosted by ShakaRa & Chantel’e Marie FacebookTwitterGoogle+