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Dream Weekend 2015 Coupon Code 1024x409 Breaking Down Black British Culture with Tugg s.t.a.r

Dream Weekend 2015

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Breaking Down Black British Culture with Tugg s.t.a.r

 As part of the Words & Riddims Topical Reasoning series, Chantel’e Marie Meets… Tugg s.t.a.r   – part of the Best Kept Secret collective. The interview follows the visual release of Tugg s.t.a.r’s emotive...


Sting LDN 2014 – The Ultimate UK Clash Show ft. Spice

Bring the Sting UK style headlined by Spice! For years Jamaica’s Sting has formulated a buzz like no other. It’s the infamous feuds and raw energy performances which have gained Sting...


RIP Reggae Legend – Favouite Classic John Holt Songs

John Holt Dead but Music Lives on On Monday 20th October 2014,  music fans across the world were met with the sad news that John Holt had passed away. I...

‘One Voice Foundation’ and ‘Sheldon Lawrence Scholarship’ programme.

News: Aidonia & JOP Launch Scholarship Worth $300,000

Helping the Youths Dem Last Friday the ‘One Voice Foundation’ and ‘Sheldon Lawrence Scholarship’ was launched by Aidonia and JOP as an educational venture. The $300,000 Jamaican Dollars, initiative for Maxfield Park primary school...

Spice and Ding Dong Europe Tour

Rockerz Presents…’They Don’t Know’ Back to Basic Dancehall Workshops

It almost goes without saying that dancing is a major part of dancehall music. How we move to the riddims and interact with the baselines, are key to what separates...


EBOLA VIRUS Statistics: Separating Fact from Fear

Whether you are following the news or looking at social media, the EBOLA VIRUS has become the spotlight. From reports of zombies about the place, to people refusing human handshakes, our...


Autumn 2104: Dancehall Music Video’s

It’s been a little while since I published a bashment dancehall 2014 music video list. Truth be told, I’ve just been enjoying the Words & Riddims autumn reggae vibrations list...

Champion Yellow Man ft Various Dancehall Stars

Dancehall Anthem: Champion – Yellow Man ft Various Musical Stars

Yellow Man’s new song Champion features various legends in dancehall music. Whoever said there’s  too many wars and not enough collaborations in dancehall, needs to think again. Yellow Man known...

Foota Hype vs. Ishawna

Foota Hype vs. Ishawna: Why is the Cheating & Beating Overlooked?

Once considered dancehall’s darling couple, Foota Hype and Ishawna symbolised love and longevity. From road to riches, dancehall’s equivalent to Beyonce and Jay-Z (slight exaggeration), was representing. Going against lazy...

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